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L'Artiste Gennady Zavizionny - Kazakhstan 1938

Gennady Zavizionny est né en 1938 à Udjar, province de Semipalatinsk, au Kazakhstan. Brillant élève à l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts d’Ashgabad, il poursuivit ses études aux Beaux-Arts à Moscou. De retour au Kazakhstan, il commença une carrière de trente ans dominée par deux tendances : d’une part une passion des paysages où il aime faire revivre la beauté du monde qui nous entoure avec une palette très riche et, de l’autre, une ligne d’expérimentation permanente dans le non-figuratif reflétant ses réflexions et ses passions.


Les peintures exposées ici relèvent de ces deux lignes. Les paysages somptueux de couleur parlent du désert, des montagnes, des lacs, de la plaine aux moissons riches. Par ailleurs, son sentiment intérieur s’exprime, dans les années qui ont marqué les changements profonds de la Russie des dernières années. « Pays déchiré Persetroïka ». Une série plus récente de « faces-profils » et de toiles « blanches » témoigne de la poursuite de ses recherches techniques et esthétiques.


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Acrylique sur toile - H 80 x L 70

Euros 995,-

Gennady Zavizionny was born in 1938 in the Semipalatinsk Province of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


He graduated with brilliant results from the art school in Ashgabad. Then he became a student of a Moscow institute, which he completed with a diploma in monumental decorative arts. When a student, Gennady Zavizionny was frequently commissioned by his chair to make orders of the government: presents for diplomatic representations in Moscow and abroad.


After he received his diploma Gennady Zavizionny moved to Kazakhstan. For some period of time he worked as monumentalist artist. However the strive for painting made him plunge into the solution of art tasks.


His multiple canvasses are very well known and sold throughout the world. His collections can be found in Toronto (Canada), Washington (USA), in England, Turkey, Italy, Arab Emirates, and Austria.


Creative aspirations of the artist over 30 years of work combine together two lines of self-expression.


On one side, it is constant experimentation: an unrestrained search for new forms demonstrating the diversity of the conditions of the world around us. As a result of this formal sign vision a whole range of works appeared, which revealed, through forms and colors put on the canvass, the very idea, which acquires the meaning of the painting sign.


This topic was used to paint such works as “Liberation from the Red”, “The Broken Plane”, “Running” and a whole gamut of other works. This amazing ability to express formally, by the plastic language of arts, the richness of relations of this world is still dominant in the works of the artist.


In the epoch of ideology changes and changes in the traditions and the life itself he painted “They Walk in the Darkness”. Here, we once again can see a sign or a formula of the condition of the socium in which we exist. Once again, physical blindness becomes a symbol of moral or any other blindness of society. Here, it is not a scheme, but a miracle of renaissance of universal truth which seems decrepit until somebody’s private experience and energy of sincere feelings pour into it a hot blood of a human being having autonomous thinking.


The second line, or a parallel stream in the arts of Zavizionny, is developed in his landscape natural forces.


15.35ZA2VIZIONNY-2000-LES OMBRES DU LAC 70X80 - copie.jpg

L'ombre du lac

Acrylique sur toile

H 75 x L 80

Euros 995



Painted at a single session and very fast, they carry a feeling of romanticism, inspiring images with reality. The shining beauty of the surrounding world reveals itself to the artist. As a rule, he paints from nature, preserving on the canvass the brightness of the space and a wholesome laconic perception.


Sound, tonality of each canvass, color and feeling – all this is combined by means of strong ties into a harmony, showing the world in the condition of quietude and stability, as they were created by the Creator.


Color is one of the most emotional manifestations of the artist. Vision and perception of the color in space, music of poetry in his paintings allow us to refer the work of the artist to the style of romanticism.


His landscapes painted in Belarus are always a vivid and sincere feeling of a new outlook at the traditional plastics of terrain. Following the idea of romanticism, his landscapes become a reflection of the condition, individual portraits of lakes, trees or the entire environment in the eternal flow of the time.


The soul and the supreme destiny of the artist always include some secret inner meaning. The range of finished works and of works still to be finished overshadows the life being a part that is needed for his existence.


15.36-ZAVIZIONNY-RIVIERE TRANQUILLE 2000-75X80 - copie.jpg

La rivière tranquille

Acrylique sur toile

H 75 x L 80

Euros 995

Success that has been attained in his life and his demands to himself gives the right to hope for a fruitful future, arising curiosity and a wish of the spectator to feel once again the feelings of refined poetry of romanticism in artistic canvasses of Gennady Zavizionny.




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